Compilation of writing material by Ms Suraiya Kamaruzzaman published on the electronic media, magazine, newspaper and books.

  1. Country Report : Asian Human Right Commission
  2. Aceh Eye : Women and the War in Aceh
  3. Inside Indonesia : Women and Syariah in Aceh
  4. Aceh Feature : Perempuan Aceh Setelah Helsinki
  5. Agent of Change : The roles of women in Aceh’s peace process
  6. Writing : Download Panduan Pelatihan Analisa Kebijakan Publik
  7. Writing : Download Panduan Pelatihan Negosiasi, Lobby dan Membangun Opini Untuk Mengubah Kebijakan Publik
  8. Financing for gender equality and the empowerment of women
    Oslo, Norway
  9. Writing : Download Women and Children in Aceh after
    the tsunami: disaster, survival,
    relief, reconstruction
  10. Download PDF : Modul Training Gender

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