Suraiya Kamaruzzaman

Ms Suraiya KamaruzzamanMs Suraiya Kamaruzzaman was born in 1968 at Aceh Besar. She has been spending whole live in Aceh  Province – Indonesia, her beloved mother and father are teachers and farmer. When she was teenager, in 1983 attended Junior High School, she did not understand, why her close girl friend, Nani (a Nick Name) did not continue the study and have to Marry a man which Nani even does not never see before. Suraiya does not understand why this think should happened. Suraiya have seen something wrong when she assisted her parent to taking good care the rice field, why only women busy to work at rice field, unless her Father. She admitted her Father is different with common Acehnesse man, her Father without hesitate taking good care household “Domestic Work”, in which her saw her uncle did Not, this kind of Father inspired her, to do something, but she have no idea what should do. When she was in University, in 1987 attended Chemical Engineering Faculty of State University of Syiah Kuala, she feel very lucky comparing to major of her childhood girl friends.

In September 1989, when she was 21 years student, along with some friends she founded FLOWER ACEH. Tear, Sorrow, little gun smoke and hope is Suraiya’s daily life, she compiled a information of data related to women rape victim during armed conflict, also women losses her economic access, children and husbands. With Flower Aceh she provide free social service to advocate women group victim of sexual violence. Since then she also proactive involving in campaign to stop internal armed conflicts in Aceh, locally, Nationally, Regionally and Internationally. Since 1999 she has been attending regularly UN General Assembly in Geneva up to the present time, meanwhile she continue her work to strengthen women movement in Aceh. She is co-founder and chairperson of the board of Women Volunteers for Humanity (RPuK), Group For Aceh Gender Transformation in Aceh (KKTGA), Balai Syura Ureung Inong Aceh (BSuIA) , Board member of Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy, Chairwoman of Management Board of Woman Community Radio and Chairwoman of the National Supervisory Board of Woman Solidarity Association. In 2000 considering as one of her milestone, whe she was elected as chairwoman of steering committee 01st Duek Pakat Inong Aceh (Aceh Women Congress), immediate after the congress Suraiya along with 5 Aceh Women, presented Congress Decision to The President of The Republik of Indonesia (K.H Abdulrahmad Wahid), in lobbying effort into Jakarta High Administration to ensure peace solution for internal armed Aceh Conflicts

On December 26, 2004, Aceh shocked by Earth Quake and swept by Tsunami, recorded as one of the hugest victims by Natural Disaster, Suraiya was in Hong Kong at that time, working as Fellow Researcher on Women Right Related after graduating The Master Degree in Law on concentration of Human Right study in 2003, she decided to return to her home land in January 2005, in July 2005 she has been Executive Director of Islamic Boarding School, Al-Falah Abu Lam U, and succeed to facilitate 250 girls of armed conflict and tsunami victims to complete their 6 years study in High School. She continue her involvement in Aceh women movement, on the post tsunami and Aceh Peace Agreement, by promoting women participation in Peace and Political decision making. She has been the source person for UNSCR 1325 various conferences, workshops, in Aceh, Jakarta, Canberra, Tunisia, Timor Leste, Brussels, Findland, New York, Washington DC. During 49th CEDAW session in New York, supported by IWRAW (International Women’s Rights Action Watch) Asia Pacific, Suraiya Kamaruzzaman presented Oral Statement and submitted written submission on Aceh Context to commence the Committee’s process of elaborating a “General Recommendation on Women in Conflict and Post-conflict Situations”. The purpose of the general recommendation is to provide appropriate and authoritative guidance to States Parties on the measures to be adopted to ensure full compliance with their obligations to protect, respect and fulfill women’s human rights during times of armed conflict and in all peace-building processes, which includes the immediate aftermath of conflict and long-term post-conflict reconstruction.

She is member of a team creating the Acehnesse Woman Charter which was declared and signed by Governor, chairman of Regional House of Representative, Chairman of Ulama Deliberative Council, Chairman of Aceh Tradition council and others on November 11, 2008. Since January 2011, she is gender mainstreaming & Equity Adviser at LOGICA2 (Local Governance Innovations for Communities in phase 2. LOGICA2 is a program under the Australia Indonesia Partnership and delivers governance reform and community development outcomes within six districts across the Province of Aceh. The goal Logica2 to “contribute to a stable and peaceful Aceh by supporting effective governance that addresses priority village needs.”

Suraiya utilizing all available tools, including media to promote Women Right, gender equity, in Aceh, she published her idea, opinion and suggestion in writing, i.e Agent for change: the role of women in Aceh’s peace process, in Agus Wandi & Judith Large (editor) Reconfiguring politics: The Indonesia-Aceh peace process in 2009. In Cooperation between Ministry of Women Empowerment of Republic of Indonesia and UNFPA provided gender analysis into the draft and academic paper of the Bill on overcoming social Conflict In line with the UN SCR No 1325 of 2000. Her working experience have been filmed by Icon TV Netherlands, titled Women Next to Allah. She is a project coordinator of Publication Book “Acehnese Women’s Speak after Tsunami and Conflict”. With ICAN (international Civil Society Action Network) and MIT Center for International Studies, Suraiya is field researcher for project What the Women say, participation and UNSCR 1325,Aceh Case study. Her Master Degree in Law thesis (2003), “Mass rape in a situation of armed conflict (1989 – 1998) in Nangro Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia” is Unpublished, but available for reference by Request .

In 1994, Suraiya graduated Faculty of Chemical Engineering, State University of Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh and work as Lecturer up to present time. Her long proactive participation in Human Right defending and women movement awarded by Yap Thiam Hien Award in 2001.


7 responses to “Suraiya Kamaruzzaman

  1. You are a truly inspiring woman.

    Solidarity to you, and to the struggle that you are a part of.



  2. Kak Suraiya, you are a role model with your ability to take action. There are many of us who are horrified by the state of things and talk and talk and talk. You however seem to have that little extra it takes to become a historical person – a person that really makes a change – you are not afraid to act! You have my sincere and full support in what you do to protect, advocate and demand women´s rights in Aceh. Respectfully /Minna

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